Women in STEM: Dr. Caroline Burberry

This episode of Streaming Science features scientist and professor Dr. Caroline Burberry. Dr. Burberry studies the tectonic development and petroleum potential of fold belts and foreland basins worldwide and has recently worked on regions in the Rocky Mountains (USA), the Zagros Mountains (Iraq-Iran), and the Kalimantan Fold Belt (Indonesia).

Dr. Burberry received her Ph.D. from Imperial College London, and she previously worked at Pennsylvania State University and Uppsala University. She currently serves as a faculty member at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as an associate editor for the AAPG Bulletin, and for the Central European Journal of Geosciences.

In this episode, UNL AESC minor Emily Hergenrader interviews Dr. Burberry about how she has overcame obstacles to become a woman scientist, and also gives inspiring advice for how women can continue to be “their brilliant selves”. To learn more about Dr. Caroline Burberry, visit eas2.unl.edu, or Dr. Burberry’s website on Structural Geology Research at eas2.unl.edu/~cburberry/


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