Hurricane Impacts on Tourism

This podcast is part of the Streaming Science: The Science of Superstorms series. Graduate and undergraduate students in AEC 4036/6932 created these podcasts. The courses are offered in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication at the University of Florida.

Ever wonder what happens to a tourist when a crazy storm passes through where they’re traveling? This episode of Streaming Science delves into the research behind how decisions are made about how, when, and why tourists should be evacuated from a superstorm. This podcast features Dr. Lori Pennington-Gray from the University of Florida’s Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management. Dr. Pennington-Gray is the Director of the Tourism Crisis Management Initiative. Her role focuses on research-based solutions to crisis management to give policymakers and officials the best solution for when a criss, such as a superstorm, occurs. This podcast was hosted and created by UF College of Business graduate Leanna Perez.

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