Visiting the Panhandle Immediately after Hurricane Michael

This podcast is part of the Streaming Science: The Science of Superstorms series. Graduate and undergraduate students in AEC 4036/6932 created these podcasts. The courses are offered in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication at the University of Florida.

In this podcast, UF AEC graduate Gabe Spandau interviews Ms. Becky Raulerson about her experience visiting the Florida panhandle after Hurricane Michael moved through the area. Raulerson is a lecturer in the UF Department of Agricultural Education and Communication. She grew up in the panhandle and continues connections with family and friends there. In this interview, Raulerson discusses hurricane restoration and what it was like to be involved with the process after hurricane Michael. Listen to learn about the efforts that go into restoration, the people who come out to help, and stories of what it is really like for people who were without any basic human needs for days.

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