GROW Communications

Meet some of the University of Florida students who work on Streaming Science, behind the scenes. Students taking courses in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC) – Communication and Leadership Development specialization develop multimedia projects featuring a variety of agricultural and natural resource issues, scientists, and extension specialists throughout the university.

In this behind the scenes project, CLD students Sydney Groom and Lindsay Russell show us how students GROW and Dig Deeper throughout the project-based learning science communication and leadership process.

Click on the images above and below to see their Adobe Spark photo essay pages.

Check out their video featuring students who worked on the Scientist Online: The Science of Mosquitoes – Skype in the Classroom program.

Behind the scenes with AEC-CLD students William Weldon (left), Coley Hingson (middle), and Sydney Groom (right). This photo essay and video – created by Sydney Groom and Lindsay Russell.

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