Gleaning for Sustainable Agriculture

A feature story about past Field and Fork intern Haley Becker.

This is an installment of our “Science of Food Sustainability” series in partnership with the University of Florida’s Field and Fork  program.

Olivia Stultz and Paxton Evans are communication and leadership development undergraduate student sat the University of Florida. They spent time with Haley Becker, an intern with the University of Florida Field and Fork Garden gleaning program. Olivia’s photo essay video and write-up about Becker provided below give a better understanding of Becker’s work and gleaning.

Click here to visit an Adobe Spark page featuring Haley Becker.

Click the Download button to view a one-page feature story on Haley Becker.

Click here to watch Olivia and Paxton’s video about Becker and her work.

Olivia Stultz (right) and Paxton Evans (middle) with Field and Fork gleaning intern Haley Becker (left).

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