Talking Therapeutic Horticulture

A feature story about Leah Diehl – an expert in therapeutic horticulture.

Agricultural communication and leadership development students in the Agricultural Education and Communication Department at the University of Florida, Hannah Shellenback and Valeria Morell, got the opportunity to discuss therapeutic horticulture with Leah Diehl. Diehl works in Environmental Horticulture and is the Director of Therapeutic Horticulture for the University of Florida’s Wilmot Gardens. Diehl works primarily with the elderly and those suffering from mental health issues to educate them about and connect them with nature to overcome obstacles. Shellenback and Morells’ discussions with Diehl were complied to create the content below.

Click here to visit the Adobe Spark Page to learn more about Diehl therapeutic horticulture work.

Valeria Morell (left) and Hannah Shellenback (right) with Director of Therapeutic Horticulture at the University of Florida’s Wilmot Gardens, Leah Diehl (center).

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