A Look into The Gardens at Fifield

A feature story about plant science lecturer Erin Alvarez.

Sydney Whithurst and Caroline Storch were afforded the opportunity to get a look into The Gardens at Fifield because of their time spent with Erin Alvarez. Alvarez is a plant science lecturer in the Environmental Horticulture Department at the University of Florida. Her notable contribution to her students’ learning is their work in the foodscape garden out at The Gardens at Fifield. Whitehurst and Storch have shared the content depciting their time spent with and knowledge gained from Alvarez.

Click here to view the Adobe Spark page featuring the work of plant science lecturer, Erin Alvarez.

Whitehurst and Storchs’ video about Alvarez’s work.

Sydney Whitehurst (center) and Caroline Storch (right) taking a selfie with scientist, Erin Alvarez (left).

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