Forestry has Ecological, Social, and Economic Qualities

A feature story about Scott Sager and his interest in forestry’s three qualities.

Scott Sager is forester who is responsible for managing University of Florida’s Austin Cary Forest. Sager also has academic responsibilities at the University where he teaches and advises students in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation. In his involvement with managing the forest he noted that forestry is a natural resource that has ecological, social, AND economic qualities. Find out more about Sager and his work as a forester below by checking out Afiya De Sormeaux’s photo essay. Afiya is a graduate student at the University of Florida in the Agricultural Education and Communication Department.

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Click here to view Afiya De Sormeaux’x Spark page about Scott Sager and his forest management work.


A downloadable version of the photo essay story about Scott Sager and his forest management work is available. Click here to download

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