Forest Genetics

A feature story about Dr. Don Rockwood, a forest geneticist.

Dr. Don Rockwood’s impact can be seen all across the University of Florida campus and the state of Florida alike. Dr. Rockwood has conducted research over the last 40 years that has had positive impacts on citrus greening and climate change. However, his main research focus over the years was improvement in cypress, eucalyptus, and cotton wood trees. Blake Geary, a student in the Agricultural Education and Communication Department at the University of Florida, spent time with Dr. Rockwood to develop materials to share Dr. Rockwood’s story about his work.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 5.52.02 PM.pngClick here to view Dr. Rockwood’s story depicted on Geary’s Adobe Spark page.

gearyblake_914232_47163348_one pager.jpg

Click here for the downloadable version of Geary’s photo essay about Dr. Rockwood.


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