To Know is to Grow

A feature story about Dr. Jen Fill and her contributions to the forest.

Dr. Jen Fill is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Florida where she studies how prescribed fire affects forests, plant growth, and conservation. Dr. Fill’s passion is to study the relationship between fire and snakes. Out at Austin Cary Forest, Dr. Fill studies how fire affects wire grass production. Michaela Shaw got to know Dr. Fill and her work with fire ecology and snakes and has a lot to share with you below.



Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 9.38.55 AM.pngClick here to view the Adobe Spark page created by Michaela to showcase Dr. Fill and her work.

shawmichaela_982400_46965562_One Pager Final.jpg

Click here to view the downloadable version of the photo essay about Dr. Fill.


shawmichaela_982400_46757674_IMG_1059.jpegA photo with Dr. Fill (left) and Michaela (right).

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