Coral Reef Restoration with Dr. Julie Meyer

This is the fifth podcast track in the H2Know Podcast Series. These tracks were produced during the spring 2020 semester by students in the AEC 4036/5037/6932: Podcasting to Increase Science Literacy course at the University of Florida.

In this episode of the Streaming Science H-2-KNOW series Michaela Kandzer, a graduate student at the University of Florida, will share with you an interview with Dr. Julie Meyer, a water scientist that studies coral reef restoration at UF. Listen to this episode to learn what you can do to help save our coral reefs!

Streaming Science · Coral Reef Restoration with Dr. Julie Meyer

kandzermichaela_982400_49208960_IMG_3770.jpegMichaela Kandzer (left) and Dr. Julie Meyer (right) record this podcast track.

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