Adding Nutrition to Our Diets: One Pepper at a Time

This project is part of our solutions-focused scientist photo essays series. Students interviewed different members of the “Better Pepper Project” to better understand their roles in the project and how this project will effect people outside of research. The project is focused on improving pepper genetic for a number of agricultural production and consumer appeal purposes. Students worked with scientists and graduate students who are part of the project to create their one page article on different aspects of the project.

Read the article and click the button below brining you to the photo essay to learn about now graduated master’s student Hannah Mathers and her role in the “Build Better Peppers Project”. While Hannah was working on her masters thesis, which was focused on lettuce breeding, she was also on the pepper project with the task of cross breeding two different peppers. Find out why below! Written by Moriah Williams, a master’s student studying organic and sustainable crop production at the Gulf-Coast Research and Education Center.

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