Developing Students And Peppers: What Does It Take To Build A Better Pepper?

This project is part of our solutions-focused scientist photo essays series. Students interviewed different members of the “Better Pepper Project” to better understand their roles in the project and how this project will effect people outside of research. The project is focused on improving pepper genetic for a number of agricultural production and consumer appeal purposes. Students worked with scientists and graduate students who are part of the project to create their one page article on different aspects of the project.

Read the article below and click the button to learn about the leader of the “Build Better Peppers Project”, Doctor Bala Rathinasabapathi, and the breeding work he is doing to improve pepper nutrition, flavor, and appearance. Also click the button below to take a look at the photo essay done for this project. Written and created by Olivia Doyle, graduate of our AEC master’s program.

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