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The Science Behind the Chicken Egg

There are many agricultural industries that are very well-known. Would you agree that one of those industries is chicken eggs?? In this short video, you will discover the science that goes into the preparation, marketing, and cooking of chicken egg products, as well as just how important the simple chicken egg is.

Technology in Harvest: The Science of Food

The harvesting of crops is a very intense process for all farmers. Through the years technology has advanced to make the time of harvest more efficient. Mark Daum, President of Daum and Sons Inc., has fully embraced the changes in technology for his operation.

Food Safety Awareness: The Science of Food

We all cook everyday, yet you may not know the dangers that possibly lurk in your food. With 48 million Americans sick with food-borne illness each year, it is important to be aware of the different bacteria that can potentially bring harm. This photo essay highlights the bacteria test that Midwest Laboratories Inc. uses on ...

Community Crops: The Science of Food

In this UNL Streaming Science photo essay, we see how community gardening with the Community Crops organization in Lincoln, Nebraska is a possible solution to help with food security. To see more about how Community Crops works to help people work together to grow healthy food and live sustainably watch this photo essay!

Streaming Science: The Meat, The Myth, The Answers

Dr. Gary Sullivan is an assistant professor in the animal science department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, focusing his studies on meat science. In this video, Dr. Sullivan describes the work he is doing to improve the meat science industry, as well as why it is important for students to study science.

Streaming Science: Genetic Engineering in Plants

In this Streaming Science video, scientist Dr. Tom Clemente, along with his lab manager, Shirley Sato, discuss how the process of genetic engineering in plants take place and why this process is important in the future of food prices, crop yields, and world hunger.

Streaming Science: GMOs Save Food Allergens from Reaching Consumers

Description: In this scientist profile, Dr. Rick Goodman explains the research he conducts at UNL in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Dr. Goodman and Mei Lu, Ph.D. student, discuss how they are evaluating potential food allergies of genetically modified organisms.

Streaming Science: The Science of Tractors

The Tractor Testing Laboratory at the University of Nebraska Lincoln ensures that tractors have the power that tractor company's claim. Every tractor sold in the state of Nebraska must be tested in the laboratory before it is sold. In this Streaming Science video, learn about the tractor test lab's several different tests that ensure tractor's ...

Research to Help Nebraska’s Ranchers

UNL is completing multiple research projects that benefit the world around us. Research conducted by the Animal Science Department contributes to the biggest industry in Nebraska, cattle production. Dr. Galen Erickson, with the help of many graduate and undergraduate students, is working to improve the cattle industry in Nebraska through his research.

Food Allergens in Grains

As food allergies become a growing concern, scientists search for new ways to better food. In this scientist profile, Dr. Andreia Bianchini and Ph.D. research assistant Luis Sabillon from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Science and Technology Department, introduce their work on food allergens in wheat. As food safety becomes a growing concern, scientists search ...