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Invasive Plants in Micanopy Hammock

Join Brooke Miller as she takes you on a virtual tour of a small community in Micanopy, Florida. The community full of nature, ranging from invasive to native plants. Click here to view her tour

Plants Matter: Dr. Candice Prince

This is part of a series of photo essays about UF/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants (CAIP). Students highlighted the people working at CAIP and their impactful work in communities around the state of Florida. Dr. Candice Prince is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida (UF) Agronomy Department. She also works at ...

Invasive Plants at Sweetwater Wetlands Park

Join Savannah Gardner on this virtual tour is exploring aquatic invasive species at Sweetwater Wetlands Park in Gainesville, Florida. The most common invasive species at Sweetwater Wetlands Park include Water hyacinth, torpedo grass, Mexican petunia, and wild taro. Click here to view her tour

Invasive Plants in Your Backyard

Join Tristen Wyatt as she takes you through a Florida neighborhood and points out invasive plants. Most people in Florida take pride in their yard. They put in extensive care and try to make sure that everything looks in place. However, believe it or not a lot of yards struggle with invasive plants. Click here ...

Everyday Invasive Plants in Your Backyard

Join Julia Canady as she takes you on a tour to show invasive plants in your backyard. Invasive weeds creep into our everyday landscape. Plants that we would never otherwise identify can significantly impact our environment by both out competing and overwhelming native vegetation. Invasive plants are of particular importance to the state of Florida ...

Invasive Species at Loblolly Woods Nature Park

Join Brendan Register as he takes you on a tour of Loblolly Woods Nature Park. Loblolly Woods Nature Park provides Gainesville residents with a taste of the outdoors in the middle of the city. Unfortunately, such a refuge is not immune to the touch of invasive plants. This tour will show you one of such ...

Sustainable Urban Landscapes

In recognition of International Women and Girls in STEM Day (February 11, 2021), this photo essay features UF/IFAS scientist and extension specialist Dr. Mary Lusk from University of Florida's Department of Soil and Water Sciences. Lusk is an inspiring woman in STEM who strives to community soil and water quality. Click the photo below or ...

How a Florida Sawmill Adjusts to COVID-19

Join Charlee Montford and Karissa Palmer as they take your on a tour of a to show you how COVID-19 has impacted Tatum Brothers Lumber, and how they are keeping their employees and customers safe during this unknown time. Click here to view their tour

Invasive Plants on Florida Ranch

Join Milli Jones on a virtual tour to take a look into why managing invasive species on a ranch is important. This Google tour aims to explain why Florida ranchers control invasive species on the land. It will also explain different management practices ranchers use to try and control the invasive species. This tour should ...

COVID-19 and Depot Park

Join Brent Helms on a tour of Depot Park and adjustments made during COVID-19. This park has been a great outdoor activity for the Gainesville FL community throughout COVID-19, and they have made many adjustments to make that space even safer. Click here to view his tour