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Food Allergens in Grains

As food allergies become a growing concern, scientists search for new ways to better food. In this scientist profile, Dr. Andreia Bianchini and Ph.D. research assistant Luis Sabillon from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Science and Technology Department, introduce their work on food allergens in wheat. As food safety becomes a growing concern, scientists search ...

Drone Utilization and Innovation in Turf Grass

In this Streaming Science video, Scientist Bill Kreuser, discusses how drones are evolving the precision and innovation of science today specifically in turf grass. Dr. Bill Kreuser emphasizes that there is so much more to science than just chemistry, biology, or the use of it in a lab. Science can be fun and enhance your ...

Herbicide Spray Drift

Graduate Student Matthew Nelson describes his role in researching how different sprayer nozzles and herbicide droplet size affect herbicide drift when spraying crops.

Entrepreneurship and Internships with Quantified Ag: Tracking Cattle in Feedlots

In this Streaming Science video, Vishal Singh discusses entrepreneurship and how he started his business Quantified Ag. Vishal explains how he invented high tech ear tags that go on cattle so feed lot owners can track their cattle better. Vishal also discusses the importance of having mentors to guide beginning business developers.