Conservation Conversation

Take your students on an electronic field trip to meet scientists working in a Florida forest.

Conservation, critters, and climate!

View the video recordings of a live electronic field trip to the 2,600 acre Austin Cary Forest and learn from scientists studying fire ecology, plants, and animals – including Diamondback Rattlesnakes.

The live event occurred on November 7, 2019 at 2pm and 4pm. Each program was live streamed for 45-minutes and included content and time for student-scientist questions and answers.

Watch the recorded segments here:

Segment One with Forester Scott Sager – introduction to Austin Cary Forest and forestry:

Segment Two with Doctoral Candidate Gage Lapierre – fire ecology, plant research, and Dog Fennel:

Segment Three with Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Jennifer Fill – Diamondback Rattlesnake research:

The content: Information presented within the program supported Florida’s Sunshine State Standards for science and the Next Generation Science Standards. Specifically, ecosystems, climate change, conservation, habitats, climate change, the nature of science, and scientific inquiry will be discussed.

The scientists: Participating scientists featured in the EFT worked with the University of Florida’s School of Forest Resources and Conservation, Austin Cary Memorial Forest, and Dr. Raelene Crandall‘s fire ecology lab. They included:

  • Forester Scott Sager – coordinates facilities and operations for the Austin Cary Forest as well as undergraduate programs
  • Doctoral Candidate Gage Lapierre – research focuses on active restoration of biological communities, including Dog Fennel plants.
  • Postdoctoral researcher Jennifer Fill, Ph.D. – studies fire and plant interactions in pine savannas, as well as Diamondback Rattlesnakes.

The crew: University of Florida graduate students enrolled in the Fall 2019 project-based learning course “AEC 5541: Instructional and Communication Technologies in Agriculture and Natural Resources” work with Dr. Jamie Loizzo and subject matter experts to develop the electronic field trip.

The Conservation Conversation electronic field trip is presented in partnership with the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication.

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Streaming Science: Electronic Field Trips are supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture – Hatch Project 1020962.

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