Ecology of an Estuary

We are exploring over 1,800 acres of Florida’s estuaries, and we want to welcome your class on our virtual reality adventure.

We have partnered with the Tampa Bay Estuary Program to provide a  tour that allows students to self-explore the wonders of Florida’s marine ecosystems and habitats. 

As a part of this program, students are sure to leave with new knowledge about how estuaries benefit humans, how we engage with marine environments, and how small actions can make a difference in the health of Florida estuaries.

Below you will learn everything you need to know to join this virtual expedition!

Join our electronic adventure to explore Florida’s largest estuary!

Who? Middle and High School Students (grades 6-12).

What? A free, interactive, virtual reality experience to connect students with the Tampa Bay Estuary from the lens of a scientist.

When? The virtual reality experience is live now!

How? Follow the information below to find everything you need to start your virtual reality experience. There is a link to the Teacher Guide for the VR tour and accompanying teacher guide. All you need is a computer or smartphone. No downloading. Completely free.

Why? Students will learn all about estuaries, how we impact the environment around us, and how we can help protect the environment around us.

Teacher Guide & VR Tour

Tampa Bay Estuary Program Overview

The Tampa Bay Estuary Program is a national leader in applying robust, reproducible science and compelling storytelling to drive community decisions and individual behaviors for the benefit of cleaner waters, thriving habitats and abundant wildlife—all of which sustain our economy and way of life in the Tampa Bay region.

This program was funded through a Bay Mini-Grant.

Revenues from purchasing Tampa Bay Estuary specialty license plates are returned to the local community in the form of Bay Mini-Grants to citizen groups, schools, and non-profit organizations. Projects funded through this program are directly linked to the goals of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

Since 2000, more than $2 million have supported eligible habitat restoration, pollution prevention, and environmental education projects.

Team Members

Caroline Barnett
Caroline Barnett

Program Lead
Doctoral Student in Agricultural Communication

Dr. Jamie Loizzo
Dr. Jamie Loizzo

Founder of Streaming Science
Assistant Professor of Agricultural Communication
University of Florida

Joe Whalen
Joe Whalen

Science Communication Designer & Creator
Tampa Bay Estuary Program

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