Herbicide Spray Drift

Graduate Student Matthew Nelson describes his role in researching how different sprayer nozzles and herbicide droplet size affect herbicide drift when spraying crops.

Entrepreneurship and Internships with Quantified Ag: Tracking Cattle in Feedlots

In this Streaming Science video, Vishal Singh discusses entrepreneurship and how he started his business Quantified Ag. Vishal explains how he invented high tech ear tags that go on cattle so feed lot owners can track their cattle better. Vishal also discusses the importance of having mentors to guide beginning business developers.

Behind the Scenes with UNL Podcasting Students

Behind the scenes with our Podcast students. Listen as they share their thoughts on podcasting and interviewing their scientists.

Planning for the Future use of our Water Resources.

https://soundcloud.com/streaming-science/planning-for-the-future-use-of-our-water-resources This episode of Streaming Science features Dr. Martha Shulski. She is an associate professor of applied climate science in the School of Natural Resources and the Director of the High Plains Regional Climate Center (HPRCC). In this episode, Dr. Shulski explains her recent research study, which involves working with municipalities in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri ...

How does Drought Management Effectively Help our Ecosystem

https://soundcloud.com/streaming-science/how-does-drought-management-effectively-help-our-ecosystem This episode of Streaming Science features Dr. Crystal Stiles. She is an applied climatologist and postdoctoral research associate for the High Plains Regional Climate Center (HPRCC). In this episode, Dr. Stiles talks with us about her recent research study, which is working with the Wind River Indian Reservation to help them enhance climate monitoring ...

Studying Nebraska’s Ecosystem and the Human Effect on the Land

https://soundcloud.com/streaming-science/studying-nebraskas-ecosystem-and-the-human-effect-on-the-land Dr. Larkin Powell - A Wildlife Biologist and his Research: “I took a class and that changed the direction of my life.” On this episode of Streaming Science I talk with Dr. Powell about how he got to where he is today and some of his research projects. Dr. Powell also shares with me ...

Helping our Environment Against Further Change

https://soundcloud.com/streaming-science/helping-our-environment-against-further-change Dr. Qi (Steve) Hu - An Agricultural Climatologist on Climate Change: “Climate has always been changing, that’s a fact.” On this episode of Streaming Science I talk with Dr. Steve Hu about how he got into science and some of his current research projects. Dr. Hu also shares how he thinks we can help ...

Pollination Positivity

https://soundcloud.com/streaming-science/pollination-positivity Dr. Douglas Golick, assistant professor of Entomology at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and developer of the pollinator plot on UNL’s East Campus, sits down to discuss pollinators and climate change. Pollinators are affected by the actions of humans and the weather; Dr. Golick dives into what happens when the two are combined and what ...

Insects, Plants and Climate: What is their Relationship?

https://soundcloud.com/streaming-science/insects-plants-and-climate-what-is-their-relationship Answer your questions about how insects, plants and the climate affect one another with Dr. Tom Weissling, associate professor of Entomology at the University of Nebraska— Lincoln. Dr. Weissling breaks down the role of climate on insects and their behavior and what you can do to help.

Climate Change and Food

https://soundcloud.com/streaming-science/climate-change-and-food?in=streaming-science/sets/climate-change It’s affecting our planet. It’s affecting our foods. No, it’s not a new virus or outbreak. We’re talking about climate change, food and how you can make a difference. Are biofuels worth it? Are we losing our coffee, chocolate and wine? Check out our latest podcast, “Climate Change and Food,” where we sit down ...