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Connect with entomologists to learn about:

The Science of Mosquitoes

Our new ‘Scientist Online’ interactive video call series kicks off in April 2019.

This engagement option utilizes the Skype in the Classroom virtual field trip model and infrastructure to connect university scientists with students for demonstrations, tours of research sites, and two-way synchronous conversation.

Introduce your students to a University of Florida entomologist and graduate students investigating mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses.

Who should participate?:
middle and high school students and teachers

Who are the scientists?:

What are the learning objectives?:
After participating in “The Science of Mosquitoes” Streaming Science – Scientists Online, students will be able to:

  • Describe the mosquito life cycle, habitats, and physical traits
  • List mosquito-borne diseases
  • Summarize mosquito-borne illness prevention and protection methods

What technology is needed?:
View the Skype in the Classroom ‘Virtual Field Trip Guide’ for recommendations

When are the Skype calls?:
Each program lasts 30-45 minutes. Your class can sign up for a time during these available blocks with our scientists:

April 11: 2-4pm EST
April 15: 1-3pm EST
April 17: 1:30-3pm EST

April 22 9-11am EST
April 23: 1-4pm EST
April 24: 1-3pm EST
April 25: 10am-noon EST

How do I register?:

  • Click on ‘Request this Virtual Field Trip’ on the Skype in the Classroom platform on our ‘The Science of Mosquitoes’ page
  • Go to the April calendar and register for an available time that works for your class

Wrap-Around Materials
Prepare your students, before the Skype call. Here are some suggested resources:

Topic Background video on Vimeo

Prevent & Protect: Keep Them Outside infographic

Program Partners

This specific mosquito program is in partnership with the Center for Public Issues Education (PIE Center) at the University of Florida and part of the Prevent & Protect project funded by the Florida Department of Health ( – coming soon!).

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