Teachers’ Guide: Conservation Conversation

Use this Teacher’s Guide to prepare for the ‘Conservation Conversation’ EFT.

Some important pointers:

  • the EFT will include content focused on forest ecosystems, climate change, conservation, fire management, plant research including Dog Fennel, and wildlife research including Diamondback Rattlesnakes
  • consider introducing your students to these concepts before and after the EFT with some of the suggestions from our Teacher’s Guide
  • the content is intended to support middle and high school science standards, but if you have younger students and believe the content is still of interest – we are happy to work with everyone!
  • use the URL in the Teacher’s Guide to connect with us – make sure your school allows you to connect with our UStream.TV website for the live video
  • there will be a text box by the video screen where students can submit questions to our scientists – we try to get to several questions at different breaks in the program

The Conservation Conversation EFT will stream live on November 7 at 2pm and 4pm Eastern.

We will post the recordings of the program at a later date.  Please contact us with any questions: streamingscience1@gmail.com

CALS Students in an AEC course participating in a tour with Scott Sager at Austin Cary Forest on Friday, September 20th, 2019.

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