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Biological Control Research: Graduate Student Scientist Profile

Jessica Soroksky is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She studies in the Plant Pathology Department where her research focuses on biological control. In this video, Jessica talks about how she strives to make a difference in Nebraska agriculture and her passion for science. This video was produced by UNL student Mirissa Scholting ...

Nothing Sheepish About Research: Graduate Student Scientist Profile

Taylor Barnes is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Animal Science graduate student. Taylor is from Gretna, Nebraska, and she is focusing on physiology. Taylor says this topic has always been a passion of her’s. She is studying stressors on fetal and muscle development on sheep as part of doctoral research. In this graduate student profile, we ...

Bacterial Leaf Streak Research: Graduate Student Scientist Profile

In the Plant Pathology department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduate student Terra Hartman researches bacterial leaf streak. Terra's goal is to simply learn more about this new type of bacteria that was discovered in Nebraska corn. She is searching for other plants that could also be potentially affected. Terra shares her passion for science ...

Behind the Scenes: Michael Ferguson

Go behind the scenes of Streaming Science with AESC student Michael Ferguson.

Behind the Scenes: Lauren Stohlmann

Go behind the scenes of Streaming Science with AESC student Lauren Stohlmann.

Behind the Scenes: Alex Lundvall

Go behind the scenes of Streaming Science with AESC student Alex Lundvall.

Behind the Scenes: Andrea Wach

Go behind the scenes of Streaming Science with AESC student Andrea Wach.

Streaming Science: The Meat, The Myth, The Answers

Dr. Gary Sullivan is an assistant professor in the animal science department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, focusing his studies on meat science. In this video, Dr. Sullivan describes the work he is doing to improve the meat science industry, as well as why it is important for students to study science.

Streaming Science: Genetic Engineering in Plants

In this Streaming Science video, scientist Dr. Tom Clemente, along with his lab manager, Shirley Sato, discuss how the process of genetic engineering in plants take place and why this process is important in the future of food prices, crop yields, and world hunger.

Streaming Science: GMOs Save Food Allergens from Reaching Consumers

Description: In this scientist profile, Dr. Rick Goodman explains the research he conducts at UNL in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Dr. Goodman and Mei Lu, Ph.D. student, discuss how they are evaluating potential food allergies of genetically modified organisms.