Category: COVID-19

Gainesville during COVID-19

Join Harold Weeks to see places in Gainesville to be able to be outside and social distance and stay safe during COVID-19. Click here to view his tour

Gainesville Community Ministry during COVID-19

Join Baylee Carroll as she takes you to the Gainesville Community Ministry. The Gainesville Community Ministry has been helping meet the needs of Gainesville's people for over 40 years. It is their mission to provide education and resources to people stuck in crisis and help end the cycle of poverty that prevents people from helping ...

Academic Advising During COVID-19

Join Kathryn Ivey on a tour that will show individuals how academic advising within Family, Youth, and Community Sciences (FYCS) in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) at the University of Florida (UF) has moved to a digital advising platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will also be an overview of where ...

How a Florida Sawmill Adjusts to COVID-19

Join Charlee Montford and Karissa Palmer as they take your on a tour of a to show you how COVID-19 has impacted Tatum Brothers Lumber, and how they are keeping their employees and customers safe during this unknown time. Click here to view their tour

COVID-19 and Depot Park

Join Brent Helms on a tour of Depot Park and adjustments made during COVID-19. This park has been a great outdoor activity for the Gainesville FL community throughout COVID-19, and they have made many adjustments to make that space even safer. Click here to view his tour