ALEC 350: Fall 2017 Live Twitter Projects

Hello and welcome to the Streaming Science blog! We’re excited to show you what the AESC students are up to this Fall 2017. For this semester, the blog will be run by students in the ALEC 350: Agriculture, the Environment, and Science in Media class. This class is designed to examine how agriculture, the environment, and science are covered in media outlets.

IMG_7736Students in ALEC 350 come from a variety of majors including Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication, Agricultural Education, Natural Resources, and Animal Science.  The course is designed with a project-based learning approach.  For their final project, students are working in partnership with the University of Nebraska State Museum – Morrill Hall, UNL Libraries SciPop Talks, and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) to live tweet information from real-world science-focused events happening on campus.

Mandy Haase-Thomas from Morrill Hall visited the class to talk about the live tweeting projects. As the Chief Communications Officer of the State Museum, Mandy shared some insights into the museum and how she promotes events on social media. Some tips she provided included: keep your target audience in mind, understand the topic you’re tweeting about, and have fun!


Fun fact: The museum only holds 1% of the state’s entire collection on display; the rest is used for research. Nebraska Hall holds 14 million specimens and collection items.

For their projects, the students are pairing up to choose an event that they would like to attend and live tweet. They are also writing promotional blogs post about the event. Follow our students’ live tweets from @Streaming_Sci throughout the semester:

  • Morrill Hall – Science Cafe (9/21), Tribal Economics (10/24), Sunday with a Scientist (9/17), Fossil Day (10/5), & BugFest (9/24)
  • UNL Libraries – RED Talk: Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day (10/17)
  • CASNR – Brazilian Research (9/18 & 9/19), Heuermann Lecture (10/3), IANR All-Hands Meeting (9/28), Fall Science Summit (11/8), & SNR 20-Year Celebration (9/23)

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